Content marketing opportunities and prospects

Content marketing is a very popular method of approaching and attracting new customers and clients. However, constant changes in the digital world dictate constant redefinition and updating of the term.

The mobile technology “revolution” continually creates new data whilst interactive content dominates all platforms and devices, thus creating the need for properly adapted content.

Despite this, we are wrong to believe that consumers will keep “consuming” everything we produce without testing it through research or their own critical thought. We must provide them with the best possible content in order to win them over.

The truth is, however, that many consumers are addicted to mediocrity. To communicate with these people, we first need to understand them and show creativity and loyalty.

Besides, people are not looking for more content but rather for more relevant and targeted content. Indeed, although content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, it triggers consumers’ awareness three times more.

Β2Β companies with blogs get 60% more website traffic, in contrast to companies without blogs. Branded content is much more effective than direct mails, public relations or printed ads.

Within this framework, the strategy to increase engagement through content marketing use, boils down to the following key points:

– Acquaintance and contact. We approach people or our followers under the best possible conditions. We are convincing and real.

– Forging relationships. We connect people to the right content. We bring people closer to us.

For a company that aspires to enter international markets, it goes without saying that the editing of its website is not a luxury, but an unavoidable necessity.

-Fulfilling goals. We keep our consumers interested and enthusiastic. Our relationship is developed by means of doing more quality and quantitative work.

True engagement isn’t something you sell. True engagement is something you feel.


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