The αriston Project

The αriston Project is a lifelong doctrina, research project and ecosystem designed and supervised by its architect, Yannis Stergis. It has been named after the “Metron αriston” quote of Cleobulus of Lindos, one of the Seven Sages of Greece. According to The αriston Project, all human activities tend to strive for measure, the equilibrium position, a point never to be perfectly met, by ensuring that the period of oscillation is as short as possible. Also, all human acquisitions, from lifelong learning to entrepreneurship, are subject to an upward spiral movement, where same stations are periodically revisited for enrichment and refinement. Therefore, all human acquisitions, skills and constructs are examined by The αriston Project on a scale from 1a to 3c.

Hyphen SA was founded by Yannis Stergis and his partner in everything, Emma Parker, in 2003, on the principles of the doctrina and as its living proof. Ever since then, Hyphen SA has been operating on those principles and has developed educational programmes promoting the value of measure (Metron) through its core tools; productivity measurements, project design from end-to-beginning, interdisciplinary applications and lifelong learning.

The αriston Project feeds back to major global affiliate projects, it has actively supported the global initiatives The Global Glass Ceiling Crashers, the Agenda 2020 for the future of work and is currently feeding into the UN’s Agenda 2030 for sustainability and diversity and inclusion.