Exports and editing: a necessary ‘marriage’

A business’ success in developing and implementing a strategy for production and exports, does not lie solely in the outcome of its products’ quality or innovation.

It requires marketing that is not only limited to advertising and promotion, but also uses a very specific business structure that continually aims to identify and meet the clients’ needs.

Having a successful marketing structure means pursuing, amongst other things, the standardization and continual updating of a company’s skills to communicate its activity through a specific strategy of promotion.

But how is it possible in practical terms, to promote a company abroad mainly from a content marketing point of view?

Initially, it is necessary to consider the following information:

– The critical time internet users spend on a website is between five and ten seconds. If the site doesn’t hold the visitors’ attention during this time frame, then they are bound to choose another website.

– 89% of consumers conduct online research before deciding to purchase something. Therefore, the average buyer, who looks for products and services, uses search engines in order to find relevant information.

These elements demonstrate that for a website which is designed to promote exports, there is a need for the site to be multilingual, whilst applying the most sophisticated web design standards and being user-friendly, functional and compatible with all devices and apps.

A site rendered in many languages is not only a matter of simple translation; what it also needs to consider is the type of company it promotes and its products, the targeted foreign market or buyers, consumers’ individual needs, local buying habits and practices etc. What is more, the editing of this type of site is imperative in order to avoid mistakes and misinterpretations, which unfortunately, are only perceived when the customers and clients have already ‘migrated’ to another site.

For a company that aspires to enter international markets, it goes without saying that the editing of its website is not a luxury, but an unavoidable necessity.


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