The characteristics of a successful businessman or manager

Small and medium enterprises throughout Greece keep changing. External factors (financial bottlenecks, new legislation, saturation, financial recycling of the market etc.) force SME owners to approach their customers in a totally different way. These changes are already noticeable and are anticipated to peak within the next 12-18 months. Hyphen SA and the αriston project both aim to support entrepreneurs and their collaborators by providing them with the appropriate tools to enter the new era of extrovert businesses successfully. The first necessary step is to conduct a business re-establishment study and set the following goals and structure:


  • Documentation, sustainability and safeguarding of the business.
  • Developing a programme of financial, business, structural, organizational and developmental documentation based on internationally accredited and standardized models.
  • To analyze and find the most advantageous solutions that are also compatible to the entrepreneur’s aims, regarding existing issues that may have or will arise during an audit, including multidimensional research (on a legal, marketing, feasibility and production level) and legal documentation of the business.
  • Drawing a business plan of international standards in English, which will not only include financial statements, but it will also support and promote the business to customers both in and outside Greece due to its strong communicational profile.


Study structure:

I.Audit and diagnostic study, which include:

  1. Inspection of the business’s procedures and evaluation following internal and external research and analysis.
  2. Business evaluation and productivity measurements.
  3. Production evaluation.
  4. Customer and business partner interviews.
  5. Market research (vertical and horizontal).
  6. Drawing an analytical report, including the audit results, as well as a sustainability and development plan for the business.
  7. Required training and application of new structures and practices. Training on cost centers (OSCC).


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